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Dbux Practice: Introduction


Dbux is an Integrated Debugging Environmentโ” offering a wide variety of analysis tools. Even though these tools are designed around basic concepts of dynamic analysis, it requires getting used to the UI, as well as the general approach. That is why we decided to design "Dbux Practice" (or "Dbux Projects"), in which we prepared several real-world projects with real-world bugs to help developers explore the tools, and ultimately (hopefully), the concepts and strategies needed to improve dynamic analysis efficiency.

Current Status

Currently, only three projects are accessible, but we have prepared many more. We plan to add more projects and exercises, given there is sufficient public interest.

Since we want to prioritize our time and resources on the most important things first, we, as usual, recommend anyone who is interested in more (or is stuck in one of the exercises) to join us on DISCORD and let us know.